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Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)

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Event Name: Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)
Description: Louis Riel Day is an annual general holiday in the Canadian province of Manitoba on the third Monday of February. It commemorates the life of Louis Riel, a politician who represented the Metis people's interests. Many people have a day off work and school and many businesses, organizations and stores are closed. In some communities, stores are open after noon. Public transport services may follow Sunday or holiday timetables. In rural areas, there may be no services. Louis Riel Day gives people in Manitoba the chance to enjoy some time with their families, to take a short winter break or to take part in outdoor sports events. It is also an opportunity to learn about the Metis people's culture, language, heritage and ancestral homeland.
Start: February 17, 2020     
End: February 17, 2020