Saturday, February 23, 2019

 Rink Status: OPEN


Upcoming Scheduled Flooding:

9pm, Monday, February 25th

(Weather Permitting / Volunteer Dependent) 


 - Volunteers Needed -

(read below)

The outdoor rink is for the use and enjoyment of all community residents.  The Outdoor Rink Flooding / Maintenance is totally dependent upon volunteers.


We are seeking community residents

of all ages to step up and urge anyone that can spare a

couple of hours each week to assist with Outdoor Rink

Flooding / Maintenance to contact the Caisse Community

Centre immediately.

 Dee Romijn 204-736-2679 | 204-801-7629 |  
 Tracey Walther 204-736-2679 |  


The Caisse Community Centre may be forced to close the Outdoor Rink this winter season due to the lack of volunteers so...


PLEASE step up and volunteer.  


 Please check back for continual status updates.

Winter Hours
Monday & Wednesday - open until 9pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday - open until 11pm

** Rink flooding tentatively scheduled every Wednesday and Friday at 9pm (weather permitting) during the winter season. **



 Caisse Community Centre Outdoor Rink

--> Skating is free to anyone.
--> Lights are on every night until 11pm.
--> Doors lock at 11pm.
--> There are change rooms designated for skaters.
--> Please DO NOT wear skates INSIDE the building
--> Please take your outdoor shoes OFF at the front door.
--> The Caisse Community Centre strongly recommends helmet use for all individuals on the outdoor rink.
--> Adult supervision is strongly encouraged.
** Use at your own Risk **

Caisse Community Centre