Winter Outdoor Rink Flooding /

Maintenance is underway.

 Anticipated opening date: December 14th

 Please check back for status updates.

 For information and/or to volunteer, please contact the Caisse Community Centre Office at:

204-736-2679 |

Please note: The Outdoor Rink Maintenance is totally dependent upon volunteers.
If you are available to assist with outdoor rink flooding / maintenance during the winter season, please contact the Caisse Community Centre as listed above.



Caisse Community Centre Outdoor Rink

--> Skating is free to anyone.
--> Lights are on every night until 11pm.
--> Doors lock at 11pm.
--> There are change rooms designated for skaters.
--> Please DO NOT wear skates on the grey coloured floor in the building.
--> Please take your outdoor shoes off at the front door.
--> The Caisse Community Centre strongly recommends helmet use for all individuals on the outdoor rink.
--> Adult supervision is also strongly encouraged.
** Use at your own Risk **



Caisse Community Centre