Lunch & Learn Presentations
Lunch and Learn Presentations are offered at some of the GEMS program dates. Presentations take place after the GEMS meal. For information, please visit - macdonald lunch & learn presentations.

To register, please call Leanne Wilson, Macdonald Services to Seniors Coordinator at 204-735-3052. Deadline to register is 2 business days prior to each presentation date.
Capturing your Family History through Creative Writing
Who, What, Where, When & Why? Sleuthing your way through family history to write your story. We will go through the W's, question by question to help the new writer discover the story that wants to be told. Bring a notebook and pen so you can participate in a meaningful way.

Caisse Community Centre (La Salle) - 1:00 pm, Monday, October 18th
Presenter: Gabriele Goldstone, Writer's Guild of Manitoba

Starbuck Hall (Starbuck) - 1:00 pm, Wednesday, November 14th
Presenter: * MaryLou Driedger, Writer's Guild of Manitoba
* In 1907 MaryLou Driedger's grandfather, Peter Schmidt, was a young boy immigrating by train to Canada from the United States. Unfortunately, on the journey the boxcar he was traveling in with his family's horses, became uncoupled from the rest of the train. MaryLou's 2021 best-selling novel Lost on the Prairie is a fictional adventure story imagining what happened to her grandfather as he made his way across the mid-west attempting to reunite with his family. In her visual presentation MaryLou will explain the extensive research she did both in Canada and the United States to make the book authentic to time and place and how writing the novel helped her get to know her grandfather who died when she was just a young child. You can read more about the book at  MaryLou will have copies of her book available for $15.00.
Wills & Estates Planning
Make sure you have an estate in place to protect your assets and other personal considerations when you pass. An effective estate plan gives you peace of mind, knowing that your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. Learn the many elements of estate planning - your executors may want to attend too!

Starbuck Hall (Starbuck) - 1:00 pm, Wednesday, October 20th
Presenter: Levi Taylor, Levi Abram Law

Sanford Legion (Sanford) - 12:45 pm, Thursday, November 25th
Presenter: Levi Taylor, Levi Abram Law
The World of Writing
Join us for a lively discussion with local author Ron Hore! Writing as R. J. Hore, his genres include: Non-Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy (Mediaeval, Historical, Detective). In a quick overview of the writing world, he will cover such wide-ranging topics as:

- What you might consider writing as a senior
- Formats: pen vs computer
- Styles: Pantser vs Potter
- Write what you know
- The setting
- The need for a good editor
- Publishing and self-publishing
- Q & A
- Raffle off a book or two

Sanford Legion (Sanford) - 1:00 pm, Thursday, October 21st
Presenter: Ron Hore, Writer's Guild of Manitoba