Chase the Ace Volunteer/Fundraising Opportunity


  • Donation made by the Caisse Community Centre will be a minimum of $200 with a $50.00 flat fee per worker
  • Bar tips and empties are also donated to the volunteering organizations/groups (empties need to be sorted and taken the same evening)
  • Number of volunteers required per night is at the discretion of the Caisse Community Centre Board of Directors
  • Organizations/groups must be affiliated with the Community of La Salle

Volunteers currently required are as follows:

  • Meat Draw/50-50 Draw - 1 Volunteer
  • Chase the Ace - 1 Volunteer plus a Committee Member
  • Bar - 2 Volunteers (1 volunteer will need to obtain Smart Serve Certification and submit a copy of their certificate with their application)

Total 4 Volunteers for $200.00

** Please note organizations/groups are more than welcome to bring as many volunteers as they wish however the donation will be made for 4 volunteers. **


4:30 PM

  • Set up hall with tables and chairs, (2 people)

5:00 PM

  • Prepare the tickets and floats for sale
  • Prepare and set up the bar and mix

5:30 PM

  • Sell tickets
  • Sell liquor (ensure Smart Serve Certification)
  • Stock beer fridge

Once majority of crowd leaves:

  • Start to clear garbage, wipe tables and start to put tables/chairs away (1 to 2 people)

End of Evening

  • Store the mix
  • Clean up bar area
  • Finish clearing and putting tables/chairs away

** Please note all above requirements and duties are subject to change. **


For further information, please contact:

Dee Romijn 204-736-2679 | 204-801-7629 |



Caisse Community Centre