Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District (MHRD) wants to encourage our communities to get outside and have some fun! We are excited to announce the launch of the "StoryWalk™” program.
StoryWalk™ is an innovative and exciting way for children, adults and families to enjoy reading a story as you walk through a path.
StoryWalk™ will travel between the MHRD communities. Stands will line a walking path, which hold deconstructed pages from some of our favourite childhood story books. As you walk down the path – enjoying exercise and fresh air – you are able to immerse yourself in a story while following along with a book character companion.
The initiative helps to remove some of the barriers to being active outdoors by providing a set walking distance and interactive story to enjoy during your outdoor time. This also creates spontaneous play as children dance, skip, and hop down the path, following along with the story characters.
StoryWalk™ is brought to you by Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District (MHRD), Healthy Child Coalition Central Region and Government of Canada.
Dates and StoryWalk™ communities to visit:

Wednesday, August 5th
Starbuck - Arena Road (path in front of the ball diamond)

Thursday, August 6th
Headingley - Path between the Daycare and Headingley Community Centre

Tuesday, August 11th
Sanford - Path across from J.A. Cuddy School

Wednesday, August 12th
Oak Bluff - Park between Parkside Drive and Park Avenue

Thursday, August 13th
Headingley - Path between the Daycare and Headingley Community Centre
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