Wednesdays - October 30th - December 4th


Toddler Shenanigans (2 - 4 years)
Instructor - Brandi Noble

Children are pre-programmed to explore the world around them.  Toddler Shenanigans provides little ones with the chance to explore and experience the world through messy play.  Messy play allows children to use and develop their five senses and to further develop their natural inquiry skills.  There are no rules and guidelines, allowing more freedom to explore.  It is also a great opportunity for parents ore caregivers to spend quality time with their children.  Parent or caregiver participation required. 

Domain Hall

6 Wednesdays, October 30 - December 4
10:00 am - 11:00 am
In-District Rate: FREE
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 23

Information / Registration:  Macdonald-Headingley Recreation District at: 204-885-2444 |