for Ages 6 - 12


10am to 11am

from January 5th to March 30th

The Mini Soccer program will be run by Instructor Aziz Kinnarath. 

The focus will be on teaching basic soccer skills: shooting, dribbling, turning and running with the ball.

  • Each hour long session is designed to keep your child active and to become engaged in the sport of soccer.
  • Develop Skills
  • Develop Fitness
  • Develop soccer Ability and Agility
  • Learn the rules of the Game
  • Learn fair play and teamwork
  • Equipment required: Indoor shoes (indoor soccer shoes or runners), socks and shorts
  • Pre-registration preferred
  • On-going registration accepted - you can register anytime throughout the program - pro-rated fees apply (please include: name, age, & parent info)
  • Location: Caisse Community Centre, La Salle

Information / Registration:  Aziz Kinnarath at

Caisse Community Centre