February 15, 2022
Approximately 220,000 reusable bags were used at four Homestead Co-op Food Stores (Carman, Portage la Prairie, La Salle and Treherne) in 2021.  Each of our four recipient organizations (Caisse Community Centre, Kat's Kritters Rescue, Portage Community Shelter and Treherne's MILES for Seniors Program) have received a donation in the amount of $1,650.00.
For more information, please click the following link:  2021 Resuable Bag Donations
The Caisse Community Centre thanks Homestead Co-op for the generous donation!


 Caisse Community Centre
Homestead Co-op Reusable Bag Program

The program was started in 2020 and the intent of the program is to raise money for local non-profit and charitable organizations by donating $0.03 for every reusable bag that is used by customers at four Homestead Co-op Food Store locations in 2021. This program is part of Homestead Co-op's commitment to sustainability by supporting their members, and communities in reducing single-use plastic bag waste. Food Stores locations include: Portage la Prairie, Carman, La Salle and Treherne. Homestead Co-op encourage all members and customers to bring in their reusable bags and ensure the cashier knows how many they are using!
In 2020, Homestead Co-op raised over $6500 for local fire departments in the communities where their food stores are located through the reusable bag program. These included the Carman-Dufferin Fire Department, Portage Fire Department, Macdonald Fire Department (near the La Salle location) and the Treherne Fire Department.

Organizations chosen for 2021 will receive the donated funds in January of 2022. This year the donation will be split equally between the following groups:
  • Caisse Community Centre
  • Kat's Kritters Rescue
  • Portage Community Shelter
  • Treherne's MILES for Seniors Program

~ Remember your reusable bags. Remember to let the cashier know how many you're using. ~
The Caisse Community Centre thanks Homestead Co-op for choosing the Caisse Community Centre as one of their 2021 Reusable Bag Program Donation recipients!
For information on the Homestead Co-op Reusable Bag Program, please visit:

 Caisse Community Centre