At Macdonald Ringette Association, we are committed to developing lifelong skills & physical activity in a fun and encouraging environment.

Ringette is an ice sport that not only develops skating skills but also develops leadership, team players & physical fitness in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  Ringette players can be as young as 4 or as old as your body allows you to play.  It is not only a sport that challenges you, but it also builds strong, lifelong friendships! 

Macdonald Ringette Association is made up of volunteers from communities within the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.  Our volunteers are qualified, dedicated people that are continuously helping develop our players & the sport of ringette in a healthy & fun way.

For information on Macdonald Ringette please visit: 


Jodi Sheppard, President                                                                          
Glenn Houser, Vice President
Les Khan, Secretary                 
James Jensen, Treasurer
Jennifer Houser, Registrar

Glenn Houser, WRL Rep                                                                                
Dave Brown, AA Rep
Erin Westra, Director of Officiating

Shelly Litynski, La Salle / Domain Convenor  
Les Khan, Oak Bluff Convenor  
Jason Jorgenson, Sanford / Brunkild Convenor  

Allison Zulyniak, Starbuck Rep  

VACANT, Ice Convenor

VACANT, Player Development   
VACANT, Coaching Development   

Rene Mandziuk, R4U Coordinator    
Jenn Swain, Open Rep   
Jennifer Houser, Safety Supervisor