Every Thursday morning in Oak Bluff at 6:45am - 7:45am starting Thursday, November 16th.  This inaugural program is for Novice to Midget players only with a max of 35 skaters per week.  Must be able to skate backwards.

For more information and details regarding signing up, please visit  Volunteers and sponsors are still needed.  Contact Blake Vasko at 204-294-6608 or

** Skaters need to register by the Tuesday before the Thursday morning skate AND all skaters need to register. This will ensure that there is enough coaches on ice as well as breakfast for every skater. **

The MACDONALD HOCKEY Breakfast Club is in its SECOND year of operation and will continue as long as youngsters want to come to the rink and work on their hockey skills. Our focus is to provide an opportunity where players can utilize the ice facility and benefit from well planned skating and puck handling drill sessions.

We practice every Thursday morning from 6:45am -7:45am at Oak Bluff Arena, although there is usually a swarm on the ice long before we formally start. We run drills for 40 minutes which involve short instruction time and then as many repetitions as possible at the on ice stations. The last 20 minutes is strictly free ice where players can practice their moves and play at their own pace. We provide breakfast for all participants which is sometimes cereal/toast and on special days a pancake breakfast prepared by some moms & dads. Everyone eats and then they are off to school; wide awake, alert and fed! We run from early November - late March and try to provide between 20 - 22 ice times a year.

Due to the size of our association, we have limited this program for Novice to Midget players only (male and female).  We will cut off the numbers at 35 players each week. To register a spot, email  The first 35 will receive a confirmation email, and sign up for the following week will open up every Sunday after 6:00pm.

The aim of the Macdonald Hockey Breakfast Club is to eventually offer this at no cost.  However, until sponsors are secured, a minor charge of only $5.00 per skate, which includes breakfast.

We want to provide an opportunity for the children in the Macdonald Minor Hockey system to supplement their development with additional ice, where they can selfishly focus on their own skills.

Breakfast will consist of juice, cereal and toast.  Occasionally we may prepare a pancake breakfast once we collect willing volunteers and sponsors for costs.

If you're willing, and able from a time standpoint to volunteer your time, on or off the ice, please contact Blake Vasko at 204-294-6608 or  Whether it*s occasionally, or every week, the more volunteers we have the smoother the program runs.  We also hope to utilize some student athletes on the ice as mentors for the minor players, as it will also go toward their community volunteering requirements.

We measure our success by how many children and parents get out of bed on a cold winter day at 6:00 in the morning! Every player we have improves and parents tell us players are much more confident they are in games. We believe the role of minor hockey coaches is to make the game fun and to teach skills in their formative years and we hope we do just that.  We hope to sustain the Breakfast Club as part of our community as long as possible. We are hoping to recruit more coaches to ensure the future viability of the Breakfast Club as we know....the kids will always be there.

Blake Vasko