Registration for the 2019-2020 Macdonald Hockey Season occurred in June.  Late fees will now apply.  New residents to the community may apply to have late fees waived.  For information on Macdonald Hockey or to access the Hockey Canada Registration website, please visit the Macdonald Hockey Association website at: www.macdonaldhockey.ca

Any questions regarding registration, please email: registrar@macdonaldhockey.ca


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Macdonald Hockey Association organizes and administers a cooperative hockey program for the residents of the RM of Macdonald (La Salle, Domain, Brunkild, Sanford, Oak Bluff & Starbuck) for boys and girls ages 5 - 17.  Macdonald Hockey Association is affiliated with and shall operate under the jurisdiction of all rules, regulations and by laws of Hockey Canada and Hockey Manitoba.

Macdonald Hockey Association strives to promote, encourage and develop each player, coach and volunteer within the association, while teaching life skills hockey skills and the concepts of sportsmanship, fair play and respect.

For information on Macdonald Hockey please visit:  www.macdonaldhockey.ca  
Macdonald Hockey Divisions    
Squirt - Ages 5 - 6
Novice - Ages 7 - 8
Atom - Ages 9 - 10
Pee Wee - Ages 11 - 12
Bantam - Ages 13 - 14
Midget - Ages 15 - 17
Female Hockey - Novice through Bantam


President                                                                          Past-President
Blake Vasko                                                                        Mike McAulay
204-294-6608 | president@macdonaldhockey.ca                  204-736-2190 | pastpresident@macdonaldhockey.ca                                        
Vice-President                                                                   Treasurer          
Dennis Larson                                                                     Adam Lister
204-430-8889| vicepresident@macdonaldhockey.ca              treasurer@macdonaldhockey.ca                 
Communications Director                                                  Registrar
Darla Rodewald                                                                  Shawn Arkle
Ice Convenor                                                                     Referee-in-Chief             
Ray Agostino                                                                      Clayton Wood
204-299-6182 | ice@macdonaldhockey.ca                            refs@macdonaldhockey.ca                         
Coach / Player Development Director                               Age Division Director
Brad Day                                                                            Steve McFarlane
204-266-2551 | development@macdonaldhockey.ca             agedirector1@macdonaldhockey.ca   
Age Division Director                                                         Age Division Director
Gavin Harrison                                                                    Mike Schantz
agedirector2@macdonaldhockey.ca                                     agedirector3@macdonaldhockey.ca   
Equipment Manager                                                         
Scott Wiens                                                                      
Local Area Representatives                
Domain / La Salle                                                               Oak Bluff
Melissa Jones                                                                      Carrie Wilson
204-781-9009 | domainlasallerep@macdonaldhockey.ca       204-887-5950 | oakbluffrep@macdonaldhockey.ca    
Sanford / Brunkild                                                              Starbuck
Johnny Bestland                                                                  Nicky Louttitt
Female Hockey Director                                                     Female Hockey Vice-Director 
Eric Boyd                                                                             Meghan Manness