Caisse Community Centre Incident Reporting

Writing an incident report as soon as it occurs is important.  Incident reporting may involve bodily injury, property damage, policy violation, misconduct or theft to name a few.  The use of an incident report form makes it convenient to record incidents right at the time they occur.  The sooner the incident is reported the sooner it can be resolved.

Once an incident report is completed, please provide to the Caisse Community Centre Office to promptly assess the situation.  When the incident report is received by the Caisse Community Centre you will receive either a verbal, telephone or electronic notification.  Once the incident is investigated and resolved you will receive a second notification.  Please note, all incident reports are taken seriously and will be handled appropriately in a timely manner.

Please click the following link for the reporting form:

Caisse Community Centre Incident Report Form

Print the form, complete and return to the Caisse Community Centre Office.

For information on Caisse Community Centre Incident Reporting, please contact:
Brian Cornelsen, Caisse Community Centre President at c  



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