Posting:  May 23, 2023
Prairies Economic Development Canada Funding Announcement
News Release June 10th, 2022
The Government of Canada is providing over $10.8 million to support 39 projects across Manitoba’s hard-hit tourism, travel, and recreation sector. These investments will help develop and upgrade tourist attractions and communities across the province.

Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF)
As part of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, the CCRF helps communities across Canada build and improve community infrastructure projects so they can rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a national investment of $500 million over 2 years, the Fund’s purpose is to help not-for-profit organizations, municipalities, and other community groups. Today, 25 Manitoba CCRF recipients receiving funding through PrairiesCan were announced which included:

Rural Municipality of Macdonald ($470,000)
Build two splash pads.
La Salle - behind the Caisse Community Centre
Oak Bluff - between Agri Park Road and Oak Bluff Community School
(construction begins in 2022 with the grand opening in the summer of 2023)
For further information, please visit:  (Government of Canada)  (MHRD)  (RM of Macdonald)

Construction for the La Salle Splash Pad began in the summer of 2022.

Progress during July, August and September: